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Submit Your Form Checklist

  1. First fill out your CFPC disclosure slide (step 1) before completing the electronic agreement form.
  2. Fill out the agreement form (step 2), and upload your CFPC disclosure slide.
  3. Submit a short speaker biography (2-3 sentences for introduction purposes) and headshot. Headshots may be used for ASM promotion and are not mandatory.
  4. Agree to the Speaker Release for Video and Audio Recording.


In order to comply with the CGS Faculty Handbook and important accreditation standards set out by the College of Family Physicians of Canada and Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, all presenters must complete or note the following:

  1. Your CFPC disclosure slide must be used when preparing your presentation, and declarations must be verbalized at the start of your presentation.
  2. A minimum of 25% of your presentation must be interactive.
  3. Generic, rather than trade names, must be used in presentations.
  4. Branding or sponsor logos are not allowed in presentation slides.
  5. It is important to write references on slides and incorporate evidence if possible. 
  6. Include discussion of commonly encountered barriers to practice change.
  7. Speakers must comply with the Rx&D Code of Ethical Practices.
  8. Speakers must comply with the The Canadian Medical Association’s (CMA’s) policy guidelines on physicians’ interactions with industry.
  9. Speakers must comply with the Quebec Code of Ethics.

Audio Visual

Each session room is equipped with the following:

    • Screen
    • Projector - (HDMI for those bringing own laptop)
    • Laptop
    • Podium + mic
    • Table with 2 mics
    • Slide aspect ratio is 16:9 for PowerPoint presentations

Please contact Andrea Smith if you will be using your own computer for your presentation, or if you require video and/or sound.

PowerPoint Presentations

You are responsible for bringing your final presentation on a USB (PowerPoint format). There will be a technician in the room where you are scheduled to speak that will assist in loading your presentation. Please be sure to visit the technician during the break prior to your presentation. Do not forget to include the required CFPC disclosures slide at the beginning of your session. Declarations must be verbalized at the start of your presentation. Please send a copy of your presentation as a pdf to events@secretariatcentral.com before the ASM.

Speaker PowerPoint presentations will be made available to delegates in a password protected area of the CGS website after the conference. If you do not wish to have your presentation shared post-conference, you must opt out by emailing events@secretariatcentral.com -- more importantly, please also let your audience know this during your presentation! Some delegates may be very interested in receiving the information after and are often disappointed to know it isn’t available.


The CGS does not print handouts for speakers. If you wish to distribute handouts during your session, please print and bring them. A business centre is available at the hotel if required.

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