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The 11th Annual NGIG Publication is now live! 


The 10th Annual NGIG Publication is now live! The theme for this year is "Creativity in Care".


Highlighted Research in Geriatric Medicine

POSITIVE: experiences of an intervention aiming for reversing and preventing frailty using a home monitoring and communication platform within primary health careThe global prevalence of and risk factors for fear of falling among older adults.

Linda Timm, Susanne Guidetti, and Marina Taloyan

Timm et al. BMC Geriatrics (2024) 24:382

Linked here.

Frailty is a growing concern as populations age globally, with physical activity emerging as a key factor in mitigating its effects. The POSITIVE system, a prevention program targeting frailty symptoms in primary care, incorporates home-monitoring equipment and a communication platform. This study aimed to explore older adults' experiences participating in this program, focusing on promoting physical activity at home for six months. 

Qualitative content analysis of nine interviews revealed two main themes: (1) negative perceptions of aging; and (2) rewarding participation with room for improvement. Participants expressed challenges associated with aging, including physical limitations and decreased activity levels. Despite initial difficulties with the program's technical tools, engagement in physical activity interventions was deemed meaningful and motivating. Contact with healthcare providers and other participants was valued, suggesting a need for increased social interaction within the intervention. Overall, the POSITIVE program highlighted the importance of social support and meaningful activities in promoting well-being among older adults who are at risk of frailty.

NGIG Featured Student Researchers 2024

Geriatrics research is vital to continue improving the care of Canada's aging population. Check out the featured NGIG Student Researchers below that NGIG's VP Research, Rachael Donnelly, had the opportunity to interview. If you would like your research featured or have something interesting to share, please reach out to Rachael Donnelly at


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